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May 17, 2006

MBT Lighting & Sound Lights Up the Music Industry

Charleston, SC, April 17, 2006  Musicorp, a leading wholesale distributor and manufacturer of music products, accessories and lighting equipment, is behind a growing trend among traditional music retail stores. To spur sales, accommodate a variety of customer needs and distinguish from Big Box businesses, more music retail stores are now entering the lighting equipment and accessory business to compliment their current musical offerings.

This month, Hames Music of Gaffney, SC opened its showroom floors to MBT Lighting & Sound, adding lighting equipment to its merchandise offerings, including special effect lights, par can systems and stage color packages. Musicorp employees, Roy White, MBT Lighting & Sound Product Manager, and Gene Taylor, Sales Representative, traveled to Hames Music to train the sales team on product use and application as well as create a catchy lighting display.

By expanding our inventory depth to offer MBT Lighting & Sound products, we are now able to appeal to more customers and stand out among our competition, said Dan Clopton, General Manager of Hames Music. Gene and Roy provided excellent service, arranging a remarkable lighting section in our store and educating our sales team on ways to promote lighting and music products together.

Traditional music stores are starting to look at new revenue streams and finding lighting equipment useful for attracting customers and increasing sales. Lighting products, offered by MBT Lighting & Sound, attract new potential customers, including musicians, bands, DJs, nightclubs, theaters, schools, churches, bars and restaurants. Lighting augments a store with attractive color, motion and brightness and sets a desired mood and atmosphere such as a club or stage performance feel. Stores can also use lighting to highlight music products already on the storeroom floor such as guitars or drum sets.

On the first day Hames Music opened its store to the public with lighting equipment, we sold out of three effect lights and ordered more from Musicorp immediately, said Clopton. Lighting is the next frontier for music retail stores. We are always looking for ways to be more useful to customers, and MBT Lighting & Sound offered Hames a deal we couldnt pass up.

For more information on MBT Lighting & Sound, please visit www.mbtlighting.com or call 1-800-641-8392.

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